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From the company that brought you WealthDocx®, the nation’s leading estate planning software system for attorneys, WealthCounsel® proudly brings you BusinessDocx™.

BusinessDocx is a powerful drafting system created in collaboration with nationally recognized business law experts.

Organized & Focused

The maiden release of BusinessDocx will be
intuitively organized into four main categories:

• Business formation (organization/startup)
• Operational matters
• Business maintenance and monitoring
• Exit/succession planning

Professional & Time Saving

You will also gain access to an almost limitless
arrangement of assemblies and templates, allowing you to craft professional documents in just a fraction of the time. In other words, you—

• Raise the bar with clients
• Squeeze additional hours out of each day
• Increase your stature among the clients you serve

Expand Your Practice

BusinessDocx creates a significant opportunity
to expand your scope of services and more
completely serve small business owners.
That means—

• Dramatically increasing the scope of
   revenue-enhancing services you provide clients
• Keeping more clients in-house
• Raising the value you deliver to clients
• Tapping a lucrative pipeline of referrals